Body Contouring

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Oscar Masters performs a range of body contouring procedures in Oklahoma City for women and men who want to feel more confident about their bodies. These procedures require a plastic surgeon who combines excellent surgical skills with an artistic eye to create results that look natural.

Body Contouring Options

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Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck, removes excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles if needed to create a slimmer stomach.


This popular, versatile procedure removes stubborn pockets of fat from virtually anywhere on the body, from the neck to the thighs and knees.

Mommy Makeover

Regain your pre-pregnancy body with a combination of procedures that typically includes tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, and breast enhancement.

Surgery After Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight often results in excess skin that hangs from the abdomen, arms, and thighs. Post-weight loss body contouring surgery is the final step in your physical transformation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Using fat from your own body, Dr. Masters creates a rounder backside that fits attractively into jeans and skirts.


Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is an excellent solution for women who may experience discomfort or feel self-conscious about wearing certain types of clothes.

Dr. Masters sitting on black couch sitting and talking with patient. Dr. Masters sitting on black couch sitting and talking with patient.

Start with a Consultation

Patients considering body contouring surgery want the best plastic surgeon in OKC they can find. You can meet personally with Dr. Masters by requesting a consultation using the online form or by calling our practice at (405) 849-6354 to schedule an appointment.

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